LED Headlight Kit

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(This kit is for vehicles with Factory Halogen Systems, it will not work with vehicles with Factory HID)

If you are unsure your bulb type, please do remember send message to tell us your car make, model, year and other information which is helpful to check bulb type. 
for example:
2004 Ford F-150, high/low beam
2015 RAM 1500 with projector-type, high beam
You can also check your bulb size at https://www.sylvania.com/en-us/applications/automotive-lighting-systems/Pages/lrgmain.aspx

For Chevy Silverado 2003-2006, the factory brackets for the adjustment screws won't allow the back cooling fan of the bulb to fit. You need to cut headlight support brackets to make the bulbs fit


Why use LED headlight bulb?
If you find this listing, you are must looking for brighter white headlight bulbs with an excellent beam pattern for upgrade. 
Congratulations, you find what you want now!
LED headlight bulbs is a successful replacement for Halogen bulbs, it is brighter and more reliable, 
perfect for high-beam (and also low beam, fog, & driving lights) use. 
With it, you will get much better night driving, and also, much better seen during the day.