illuminescent dash accent



         Installation guide for 2005-2014 Dash Lighting


Step 1: Place the battery pack underneath the steering wheel. Bring the wire up through the bottom of the steering wheel column as pictured. Then proceed to pull the wire in to a wedge at the end of the chrome gauge piece.






Step 2: Using a plastic pry tool or credit card, gently lift the edge of the dash up and slide the wire underneath the corner.





Step 3: using the your finger gently begin to press the wire in to the natural creasing around the top of the dash. The next few pictures will demonstrate this. Note that a gentle pushing is better than forcing it in, as it will naturally begin to fit in. 








Step 4: Once you get to the bottom right corner proceed to lift the edge up as you did previously with the left corner and slide the wire underneath it.


Step 5: Pull the wire all the way back over towards the steering wheel and continue to press it in to the creasing.


Step 6: Run the dash lighting wire straight across the gap between the 2 dash pillars and then run it back in to your steering column to finish the job. Good work!