Demon Eye Universal

How to open head lights and installation of demon eye kit

Disclaimer : I take no responsibility for harm done to individuals or components as a result of this installation or misuse of this information. If you have read over the following tutorial and are still uncomfortable completing this installation, CONTACT ME and I will help answer your questions or try to direct you to an experienced installer who can assist you.


What you will need-

-oven and or heat gun

-screw drivers

-cookie pan

-silicone baking mat

-Butyl rubber glue

- High heat epoxy


  1. Remove headlights (all vehicles are different for removing them)

  2. Remove bulbs, screws,  and any wiring harnesses that can be removed (specific models have an attached wiring harness so each bulb isn’t plugged in separately such as the genesis coupe, this harness can stay on just remove external plug that connects to this)

  3. If using an oven preheat to 350 (if using heat gun ignore next few steps)

  4. Remove all racks in oven excluding the one you will use to place your light on. Put this rack on the bottom.

  5. Place your cookie sheet upside down with your silicone sheet on top. The silicone mat will absorb most of the heat to avoid melting or deforming your lights.

  6. THIS NEXT STEP IS CRUCIAL!! Once your light is on the cookie sheet you will only need to bake your light for 3-5 minutes. Keep a close eye to make sure nothing is being deformed.

  7. For everyone using a heat gun keep it a decent distance away from the light start heating the edges.

  8. Immediately after removing your light from the oven or using the heat gun your are going to want to use a flat object such as a flat head screw driver or a plastic panel popper to start prying the plastic lens from the actual light housing. If you heated it up enough you will feel the two separating from one another.

  9. Once you have a side or corner pried up enough grip the lens and housing and start to try to pull them apart. Do not use extensive force as you could break something. If you need to you can quickly heat up the light again to loosen the pre-existing sealant

  10. Once the lens and housing are separated start by removing your projector housing (again all vehicles will have a different way of removal of this part) this is also a good time to paint the interior trim pieces if you want to do that.

  11. Once the projector is out you can disassemble it

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  1. You want to place the demon eye strip facing the projector lens on the heat shield using the epoxy (trust me you want this to stick good otherwise it will fall and not appear as bright as they actually are)

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  1. Reassemble your entire light housing with lens you should be able to reseal the light with the old sealant although I suggest not doing this as it can lead to future issues. I suggest removing all old sealant and replacing it with new sealant such as butyl rubber glue. Do this part good as you do not want to miss any spots to cause moisture in your headlight.

  2. Run your wires through the low beam dust cap. I suggest drilling a hole and sealing around the wires so nothing gets in or out.

  3. Once this is all reassembled put your headlights back on your vehicle and run your wires however is convenient for your vehicle. Place the box and sensor somewhere you will be able to reach to turn on/off with the remote.

  4. Enjoy your new lights courtesy of LED ALL THE THINGS

Any questions about installation for your specific vehicle or the kit or come across any issues with the product or this installation guide please contact or (installation questions only)


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